Black Steel vices come imported from India and incorporate a range of Vices, G-clamps and accessories. The main focus has been catering to the requirements of the professional and DIY industry. A skilled team of technicians and quality controllers at Black Steel assure zero defects on all products. Major tool distributors from USA, UK, Scotland, Australia, New Zealand and various other areas in Europe prefer Black Steel vices and is fast becoming the vice of choice in South Africa.

The following products are available in the range:

  • Engineering vices
  • Pipe jaw vices
  • Drill press vices
  • Woodworkers vices
  • Offset vices
  • G-clamps
  • Electrician & builders bags
  • Jaw covers
  • Swivel bases

All BLACK STEEL products are made from the highest quality unbreakable materials and come with a lifetime guarantee against any form of breakage occurring during normal use. BLACK STEEL vices are manufactured from spheroidal graphite (SG) iron. Only the best sourced raw materials can produce a superior quality world class product like BLACK STEEL.